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Electronic Masonic Books Available for Download

The Michigan Masonic Museum and Library is actively engaged in digitizing Masonic documents in our collection. For a number of older landmark Masonic publications, this work has already been completed by other brothers or through the Google Book project.

Michigan Masonry has particularly benefitted from the Google book project because of the fact that the University of Michigan library was one of the scan sites for the project. A number of Michigan Masonic publications were scanned by Google and are now available due to copyright expiration.

We will continue to develop this library as our own scanning efforts unfold.

Michigan Masonic Publications

History of Freemasonry in Michigan    Landmark early history of Michigan Masonry written by Grand Secretary Jefferson Conover in 1897. The depth and detail of this publication is staggering. It forms the basis of much our early knowledge of Michigan Masonry.

Look's Masonic Trials and Michigan Digest - 1869    This early work of PGM John Q. examines Masonic jurisprudence in Michigan with regards to Grand Lodge Law, Grand Master edicts, and Masonic trials.

Early Michigan Compiled Masonic Law 1890 - aka the "Blue Book"    This was the Blue Book before it was the Blue Book. An early example of the compiled laws of the Grand Lodge of Michigan. PGM Lou B. Winsor would eventually name this publication the "Blue Book" based on the color of its binding. The name still remains today. NOTE: This is not a current edition of the Blue Book and should not be used for research regarding modern Michigan Masonic Law.

Detroit Masonic News - March 1920   The Detroit Masonic News was akin to the Saturday Evening Post of Freemasonry. Originally published under the auspices of the Detroit Masonic Temple Association, it was later replaced by James Fairbairn Smith's Masonic World publication.

Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Michigan - 1899, 1900  The complete proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Michigan 1899 and 1900 inclusive.

National Masonic Publications

Gould's History of Freemasonry Vol. 2 - 1885  Nationally produced publication that has gone through several generations of reprints. This early volume attempted to document the development of the Craft from early Guild Societies to its present day (as of 1885).

History of Freemasonry - Mackey Vol. 3  Volume 3 of Mackey's landmark publication of Masonic History. It was his desire to collate all of the his knowledge on ancient thought along with the knowledge of his own extensive library into one source for Masons. This landmark work is in a class of its own. Though dated, it is nevertheless a worthy read.

Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry - 1879   Another crowning achievement by the famed Masonic author. This work was considered by all to be the "Masonic Encyclopedia" with over a 1000 pages of entries.

Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry - 1921   Revised edition of Mackey's encyclopedia.

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