Febuary 7th

Today I will spend my time digitally backing up a separate storage of all of our digital information that we have collected.

With all the images I have scanned into computer file, and with the catolog information and a distribution of information on several unnetworked systems it is important to have a central location and repository for the entire digital collection. Recently we have outgrown our thumb drive sticks we were using and are now having Rick researching alternatives. Until we are able to purchase such a piece of equipment like a removable multiple gigabyte or multiple terrabyte drive type drive or to pay for rental of cloud space I am forced to continually save and manage data on larger and larger thumb drives so we can safely keep the data preserved offsite. This form of storage will be completely impractible as we begin to inventory with the Cultureware or begin to scan books and proceedings due to the size of the files. Even now the system in place is redundant and not efficient.


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