Feburary 21 – Brook

Today has been a day of one step forward one step back. Started out the day with the main cataloging system and the computers in the cataloging office and the circulation desk neither able to connect to the Internet. This is still the case so I am forced to log in to do my blog remotely from the cataloging laptop.

Yesterday ended more productive than I had imagined. I was able to finish all the scans that I wanted of the 100s of postcards. After finishing the postcards there was a box of slides depicting the old home that used to be used for promotions. I spent the remainder of the day using Rick’s slide scanner and labeling into digital files the slides from the old home and hospital which a couple I will post and a few of the cards I found interesting.

Was very excited that I was able to scan in a photo album of more assorted pictures this morning and get them into the database. Well actually only into the memory of the computer. As I mentioned previously all my digital storage space is full. I would burn the information and back it up on CDs but the CD burner in the cataloging office needs repair.

Feeling very stifiled… all my projects are ready to move forward but it is like pushing a broken bus up a 45% hill. Gerald Adams dropped off our updated version of the Cultureware Museum Program that Larry Dillon had purchased 10 years ago but was never implemented. I was able to negotiate an updated version with the developer. Upon delivery the realization came to me that we need “File Maker” to run this program. File Maker is a database system that the software stores the information in. The Cultureware program allows you to input tons of information like pics, sound bites, and video, as well as physical descriptions and all the relevant info about each item in the Museum. Cultureware then stores this information in a database system called File Pro. In essence Cultureware is the packing invoice and intake invoice while File Pro is the actual box the information is stored in. The need for something else is AGAIN an issue.

I am asked to create digital displays and put them onto digital displays but I do not have photoshop software to do this. I do not have a camera to take pictures of the items because there is not one at the library available for use and I don’t have the system to store it on or the memory to back it up risking loss to all the work.

I have several collections that are ready of Books, The Masonic Home, The Masonic Country Club, Degree Slides from many Magic Lantern Collections, The Lou B. Windsor Display, The Temple Fire Digital Display, The Grand Rapids Masonic Buildings History Digital Display, and many others but am stifiled to storing them in the collection software or displaying anything. I will spend the remainder of the day and the next couple learning this new Cultureware software.

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