February 23 – Brook Tinker

Report today: The limited version of Cultureware is up and running. Once Filemaker Pro is purchased our inventory and displays will be web sharable through Masonic History website. I am familiar with the Cultureware program now and ready to start building the inventory files of our collection. I have a few limited descriptions to work with that the Director has given me but only of a few items.  Inventory cards with descriptions and history will be needed for EVERY item. It is discouraging when you have to wait for equipment or resources when you are otherwise ready to go with something. Sometimes I feel stifled in about every direction from moving forward on any particular one project. Still no internet at several of the desktops in the Library except in the Director’s office.

Thinking about working on spreadsheets for the periodical collection until I’m able to get the resources we need for the projects I described above.

Staying positive and will continue to find things to keep myself productive while waiting for other things to come through.  There are dozens of projects that can be done but many of them can only be taken so far without the right directives from management and although multi-tasking is good, having too many started but incomplete projects is inefficient. Without having the ability to make these decisions myself it becomes a bit of a waiting game on when the Museum and Library director becomes available to anwser questions or provide direction.


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