Brook Tinker Febuary 27

Currently no change as to the propulsion forward as far as some of the scheduled tasks being held up.

Jerry has repaired the Internet so at least we are back online. I donated a all in one scanner printer to the library here so we had working equipment in each area of the library. Today I will set the driver for the new system making it ready to scan from the new printer that does print color. The one we had has a bad print head. When we add a new patron to the database we scan a photo ID and put it on record.

Along those line it has come to my attention that the cataloging software we are using has a current update available in March for a one time cost of $108. The upgrade to Resource Mate will allow us to save patrons photos and other photo information like book covers within Resource Mate. Currently I have to use separate file and folders for the patron IDs.

The rest of the day today and much of the empty time this week will be spent cataloging periodicals. We have tons!

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