Past Grand Master Graves

Started a project to document every grave site for every Past Grand Master of the State of Michigan.  Like so many Masonic research projects, you cast a net and get your initial catch of information.  After that you slowly nug out the remaining information through good old research and time.

To approach this project I started by using the website and doing searches by name and date of death.  This turned about about 50 or so entries to which I added copies of their PGM portraits.  Yesterday I photographed three more in the Grand Rapids area at Fulton Street Cemetery Moore (1864), Champlin (1871), and Innes (1892).

Anything marked as yellow on the left in the spreadsheet is a grave I have yet to locate.  Any yellow marks on the right half of the sheet are folks I’ve located, yet still need a photo.

Some of the photos on are not the greatest in the world so I plan to get better shots of things that are lacking.

As you can guess, many of the PGMs are in Michigan.  A few made it farther afield.  PGM Spaulding (1881) is actually buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

If you happen to something about one of my unknowns, please email me!  The next step will be to start reviewing proceedings and checking with Mother lodges about any burial records they may have.

The bounty from yesterday:





















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